Thank you for visiting my site.

I am a psychologist working in accident investigation. Photography is my hobby (i.e. obsession) and, although I am an amateur, I intend to produce interesting pictures in a professional manner.

I have set up LXImages primarily as a vehicle for promoting an exhibition to raise money for charities in memory of my wife, Susan, who died in June 2008.

I hope you find the site easy to use and that you like some of the pictures. They are, of course, better on paper than on a screen.

Any comments would be welcome - please use the 'Contact us' form.

All the proceeds from sales in June 2009 have now been donated to charity. A proportion of all future profits will also be donated.

LXImages is sponsored by and wholly owned by my company, Human Factor Investigations Ltd [registered in England and Wales, No.: 5745177].

John Chappelow